Retrofitting and Rehabilitation of building

Retrofitting is a cost-effective and sustainable alternate to renovate an existing building. We help rehabilitate, maintain and upgrade any structural damage that may be caused due to faulty design details, construction defects, natural disasters or aging. Our team has a considerable amount of expertise in the field of retrofitting and rehabilitation of building infrastructures and is established as a pioneer for this work in Nepal. Any wear & tear, abrasion, dampness or impact can be maintained with our wide variety of structural repair mortars/groups (cement and expat based), leak sealing resins, bonding agents, protective coatings and additives. The seismic retrofitting helps strengthen them become more resistant to earthquakes.

Till date we have provided retrofitting solutions to the World Bank Office, Nepal Medical College, Rameshwor School, Sukraraj Balabhadra School, and many more.

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