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Himalayan Engineering Associates Pvt. Ltd. (HEAPL) has been established in 1993 with a mission of providing quality services and customer satisfaction in all kind of construction works, engineering design,supply and application of construction materials and chemicals. HEAPL is a “Class A” contractor and a pioneer in structural repair, rehabilitation and waterproofing along with various other structural treatment works in Nepal with a good reputation of over 23 years.

Retrofitting and Rehabilitation

We have provided retrofitting solutions for World Bank Office Building, Nepal Medical College, Jorpati, Rameshwori School, Sukraraj– Balbhadra School, etc.

Bridge Strengthening

Carbon fiber is 10 times stronger than steel reinforcement. Because of its light weight and high durability, carbon fiber is ideal material for high quality structural strengthening.


We provide Specific Case Based Solutions for different Concrete Problems by the use of different research, testing and world class chemicals to give 100% water tight structures, concrete repair.

We are an authorized dealer / supplier of chemicals from BASF and managed by our Sister concern - Himalayan Engineering Traders (HET)

Why Chose Us?

Our company has been associated with the world renowned construction chemical manufacturing company (BASF Chemical Company) for over two decades as an authorized dealer/supplier of chemicals and wide range of products which are reliable, durable and well established in the market with good reputation.

We have a work experience of more than 25 years and are the pioneer of the industry.

We have worked and trusted by highly renowned governmental and non-governmental organizations in Nepal.

We provide the most reliable service with highest level of expertise and customer satisfaction.

We are associated with BASF who is known to be one of the best company when it comes to construction chemical

Think Outside of the Box?

Waterproofing work for Hyatt Hotel

Bridge Retrofitting and Rehabilitation work of Tamur Bridge.

Our Clients

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