General Description

High dispersive properties. When used with cement, concrete and plaster, it reduces the mixing time through high dispersion of the polymer and improves waterproofing, new to old concrete/plaster bonding and strength characteristics and reduces shrinkage and cracking of the mix. Improves physical /mechanical properties–higher abrasion resistance, good adhesion to building materials. Corrosion control: Prevents corrosion of embedded steel.


  • Concrete repair: Spalled concrete, repairing floors, beams and pre-cast slabs, chajjas etc.
  • Waterproofing
  • Bond Coat: For bonding new concrete to old concrete, plaster, stone/brick masonry.
  • Plaster repair: For repairing plaster or making water proof plaster which is better than normal plaster.
  • Floor screeds and toppings: Abrasion resistant and non- dusting floors.
  • Waterproofing
  • Methodology

    As waterproofing slurry -

  • Mix 2 parts cement to 1 part SBR 2 by weight of cement.

  • Bonding slurry -
  • Mix 1½ parts cement to 1 part SBR 2 by weight of cement.
  • Mix to a lump-free creamy, consistency for 2- 3minutes by slowly adding SBR 2.
  • Using a stiff brush, work the bonding slurry well into the damp surface. When the bond coat is tacky apply mortar/screed overlay.
  • Packaging

    20kg per drum

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