Who we are?

Mission of providing quality services and customer satisfaction in all kind of construction works, engineering design, supply and application of construction materials and chemicals. HEAPL is a pioneer in structural repair, rehabilitation and waterproofing along with various other structural protection treatments works in Nepal with a good reputation of over eighteen years.

HEAPL has been striving to give engineering services on special structural protection activities of various projects. The company has demonstrated unmatched abilities in special construction and repair treatment works like waterproofing, crack sealing, treatment of the honeycombs in concrete by pressure injection grouting and other necessary techniques and has got the full extensive experience to handle these kinds of works successfully with great expertise. Our association with manufacturers of renowned construction chemicals like BASF The Chemical Company has helped us to diagnose the special case problem and accordingly select the effective treatment system with proper chemicals by proper analysis of the problem.

Our continuous involvement in the protection treatment works with different world-class construction chemicals has always made us market leaders in special structural repair and rehabilitation, waterproofing, insulation, corrosion protection and other sealant as well as epoxy adhesive based services to the construction and infrastructure industry. HEAPL has been working with an objective of enhancing the life of the Building structures by providing innovative solution for the protection against water, moisture, corrosion leakage, abrasion and stress.

HEA has its office at Maharajgung , Kathmandu. It is staffed by qualified full time experts in various disciplines and supporting staff.


The company has a small but efficient organization structure that enjoys flexibility so that it can respond effectively to the needs of any work at hand besides, it has availed itself the services of a pool of highly competent and committed resource persons with varied background. Personal involvement of its top executives in maintaining the quality of work is a tradition faithfully followed at HEA.

Although the company was established in 1993, its directors and associated experts together carry more then 22 years of experience in running multitude of construction projects. They have rendered their professional service in the past 22 years on various projects.


HEA has been providing engineering services in civil construction and special structural protection activitie of various projects. Besides the projects undertaken by this company, the experts now with this company have in the past, as well as presently in their individual capacity been associated in numerous other projects.

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